When It’s Gin o’clock

  • 20th February 2018
  • Susannah

We can arrange for you and your Hens to visit Bath’s Gin Distillery; the first one to be allowed back in the City in 250 years! The Distillery produces Bath Gin and other drink products such as Hopped Rhubarb, Cucumber & Jasmine, Sloe and Damson gin.

You and your Hens will enjoy a tour of the Distillery and learn how to make your very own Gin. As well as creating delicious Gin-based products, the distillery will be creating exciting batches of vermouths, absinths, bitters, tonic water and even beauty products – what more could a Hen want?

Relax on the leather couches and transport yourself to Africa whilst sipping Gin and Naivasha Tonic, made from the Fever Tress, which grow wild on the shores of Lake Naivasha in Kenya.

The Naivasha fever tree has never been used in the production of Tonic Water before. The infused bark produces a pink liquid, which, combined with Hibiscus flowers (they grow side by side on the Lake shore) produces a bright, fruity and refreshing African Tonic Water.

The Naivasha Tonic Company supports the Naivasha Children’s Shelter, a charity that assists homeless children in the local community.

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